A bat in a bottle

A few weeks ago I discovered a bat in a bottle. This was upsetting as we don’t like to think one of our actions has injured wildlife. The bottle was on an outside table and used for decoration. Who knows why the bat went into the bottle but it was still alive.

I know you are supposed to wear gloves but I warmed the bat in my hand and then relocated it to underneath a piece of bark on a tree.

It wasn’t there when I checked the next day. I have places a top on the bottle



Want to know more about bat ecology and conservation?

The South West Integrated Flora & Fauna Team (SWIFFT) runs a regular series of talks related to threatened species and communities. Meetings are conducted by video conference from various venues see this link: http://bird.net.au/bird/index.php?title=SWIFFT_meetings  The next video conference starts at 9.45am Thursday 26 July 2012. If you cannot attend the presentations a summary is put on the above website at a later date. Continue reading