Flora of the Otway Plain & Ranges 2

Last Friday night saw the launch of another great plant identification book, Flora of the Otway Plain & Ranges 2 by Enid Mayfield. This book covers daisies, heaths, peas, saltbushes, wattles and some other plants. As with her previous book that covered orchids and lilies this one is beautiful and practical.

TheĀ  books have taken more than twelve years to come to this point and areĀ  a must have if you are interested in properly identifying plants. All illustrations are drawn by Enid and highlight the parts of the plant to look at to get the correct identification.

One of the best attributes of the book is the way the features of different species are compared. There is also a guide to the characteristics of different plant families. While the books concentrates on the Otway flora, many of the species are found outside this area.

CSIRO Publishing are selling the book.