Land for Wildlife Program

Land for Wildlife (Victoria) is a State government program supporting landholders or managers who provide habitat for native wildlife on their land. In operation since November 1981, there are now more than 5,900 Victorian Land for Wildlife properties involving over 14,800 dedicated people.

A significant contribution to native biodiversity conservation is made by private landholders and Land for Wildlifers manage over 560,000 hectares of their combined properties as wildlife habitat.

To qualify for Land for Wildlife status a property must contain either existing remnant habitat or the landholder must be making an effort to create habitat on their property. Once an assessment is completed and you become a member, a sign is issued which recognises your commitment to wildlife habitat. You may be given working towards registration where certain works need to happen to achieve full registration.

Becoming a Land for Wildlife member does not alter your property rights in any way, it is a self-governed opportunity to contribute to sustained biodiversity through habitat protection.

Link to official Land for Wildlife page – contacts and application forms etc.

Link to the SWIFFT website that has back copies of the Land for Wildlife notes and SWIFFT video conference talks related to Land for Wildlife


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