A flower we don’t want

This pretty flower is a weed and one that we don’t want spreading. It is Epilobium hirsutum, Giant Willow-herb, and native to the Northern Hemisphere and grows to about 2m. There are native plants in this genus but they have much smaller flowers. It was noticed on a creekline in Buninyong. Looks like Ballarat Council needs to come out and get rid of it. They have been trying to control it for a few years but as you will see from the photos it produces a lot of small seeds.


Recycling other people’s ‘rubbish’

When I look at the ways in which some ‘rubbish’ has been used in my garden it is a wonder people don’t try more recycling. Some of these items have come from other people’s rubbish that has been dumped in the bush but most items have just been given a second chance. Continue reading

Weed out Bluebell Creeper

Bluebell Creeper

Bluebell Creeper

Billardiera fusiformis, Bluebell Creeper, is a vigorous twining shrub grows naturally in WA, but in Victoria is an environmental weed in bushland. The flowers are blue followed by purplish/green cylindrical berries.

The shrubs are flowering now, so are easy to spot to remove. Birds eat the berries and spread the plants. The plant then smothers other plants. They are easy to pull out when small. Recently I have seen it flowering on roadsides in Gordon, Mt Doran, Mt Egerton and Scarsdale. It used to  be called Sollya heterophylla.

Time to control blackberries



This is a good time to carry out control of this invasive weed. If you wait until the berries form, birds and foxes will eat the fruit and continue the spread across the countryside. Don’t put off weed control, start with isolated small plants then move onto the larger clumps. If you can’t afford to spray all the weeds at least start by spraying around the edge of larger clumps to stop the outward spread.

If you like to collect and eat blackberries make sure they haven’t been sprayed.

Avoid the Fried Possum

If you have a power pole at your place, check to see if it has a possum excluder and that it is in the right place. It is a circular plate/disk attached to the wire stay. The one on our pole had slid down out of place.

An unsuspecting ringtail possum jumped from the bushes and was able to climb up the stay wire. It met a sudden death when it reached the main wires and caused a short circuit. The electricity company re attached it when they came out on Boxing Day ( a big thank you for such prompt service)  but that only stayed in place a few days. We have now gone with plan B and will see how long that works.


Blackbird nest and eggs

Blackbird nest and eggs

I am not sure what side of the fence I sit on when it comes to blackbirds. They are an introduced bird and are now widespread and common in many gardens.

I found a nest of eggs last weekend and the purists would say to get rid of them before they hatch. They are still there.