No Train to Catch

I am still on about fungi and these photos were taken near Wombat Station in the Wombat Forest. If you rug up and go for a walk at this time of year you should always see some fungi. They come in all shapes and sizes.  What we see is just the showy top or fruiting bodies and underneath there is a lot of work going on. The rest of the fungi is breaking down  organic matter and recycling nutrients. They are vital for healthy ecosystems. Some fungi are food for wallabies.

Fungi time

This time of year especially after some rain is the best time to see fungi. Fungi are an essential part of the ecosystem and many form an association with plants to assist growth. Others have a big role in the breakdown and recycling  of all types of organic waste material. Fungi also form part of the diet of some native animals such as bandicoots and small wallabies.

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