Your patch of land whether big or small, owned or rented will have something to offer the native wildlife in your area. A small backyard may attract birds, butterflies, possums and lizards while larger properties may help to protect large patches of native vegetation and attract a wider range of fauna.

Getting out in the garden or wandering in the local bushland and taking notice of what is happening and what insects and animals are visiting is one of the joys of life and good for our health. Take time to enjoy nature.

There are lots of activities, places to visit, ideas and other information around to inspire you or help you keep on track with looking after your patch of soil.

You may just want to know where to go for a bush walk, learn about the fauna or flora in a particular area or attend a talk about bats. The aim of this blog is to spread the information around and give you ideas on how to look after the native biodiversity (nature) on your land.

The activities mentioned mainly cover the Victorian municipalities of Ballarat, Golden Plains, Moorabool, Ararat, Pyrenees, Hepburn and Geelong but sometimes they will be further afield.



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