Bridal Creeper

Bridal Creeper is a highly competitive climbing weed in bushland and it is actively growing now. Spotted some at Linton on Sunday. It is on the list of weeds of National Significance which is an indicator of how invasive the authorities think it is.

The multiple stems are wiry and hard to break and can form dense curtains. The flowers are small and greenish-white and are followed by a green berry which ripens to red and are spread by birds. The leaves (cladodes) are oval, light green and glossy with pointed tips.

Another feature is the tuberous root system which allows the plant to survive hot, dry conditions. The entire root system needs to be dug out if you are trying to eradicate the plant. Make sure you dispose of the plant so that it does not re-invade the bush.

These days is you have an smart phone it is possible to take a photo of a weed that includes the location and date to make it easier to go back to the same place next year for follow up work.


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