Is it a mouse?



If you live near a patch of bush you may be in an area that has antechinus. These are small native animals that initially look similar to the house mouse and sometimes come into homes or sheds. Before you get out the mouse trap make sure that you really do have mice and not antechinus. Here is a link to an article about antechinus and to a factsheet.


One thought on “Is it a mouse?

  1. I live in the Bush and had issues with Mice and rats which I was trapping in a live trap but was shocked to one day find a dead Agile Antechinus in my live trap. I usually baited with Corn but had used dry dog food on this occasion and this had tempted the Male into the trap . I discivered that I do have them on my land but it was not a good way to find out! I have never used dog food as bait since.

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