A bait station for rabbits

rabbitGetting rid of rabbits takes some effort. There are any  number of guides on how to tackle the issue, including this one from the Moorabool Landcare Network.

Connecting Country have recently made a video on how to build a bait station, if you decide to use pindone bait – link.

Many people are concerned that other animals such as wallabies may be attracted to the baited grain, so this bait station looks like a practical way to put the bait out and protect other animals.

It is a good idea if you are planning to do this to collect any dead rabbits and bury them so they don’t become food for scavengers and birds of prey. Getting rid of the rabbit harbour and the warren system is also a must do. Be aware that if you use machinery to rip warrens that you may damage cultural heritage sites. Consult your local landcare facilitator to seek the latest advice on how to deal with rabbit warrens.


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