Some handy apps

If you have an ipad or smart phone here are some useful apps

Field Guide to Victorian Fauna
By Museum Victoria
Explore Victoria’s unique and diverse wildlife at home or in the great outdoors with Museum Victoria’s free Field Guide app. Available for both Apple and Android devices, the app holds descriptions of over 950 species, including birds, mammals, fishes, reptiles, frogs and invertebrates from terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.
The app combines detailed animal descriptions with stunning imagery, as well as animal calls, distribution maps, conservation status, butterfly flight times, frog calling times and depth information for marine species. We’ve put in a lot of species, but it’s still a fraction of the complete fauna of Victoria. Our scientists will continue to add additional species and refine descriptions over time. This app is one of a suite of field guides for each state and territory, developed by Australia’s leading natural history museums.
Wetland Birds Field Guide
By BirdLife Australia Ltd.
Australia’s wetlands and waterways play host to an ever-changing cast of wetland birds. This free user friendly field guide to wetland birds lists 63 of the most common, non-passerine species you’re likely to encounter on wetlands of Australia’s south. Features include:
• Detailed species descriptions
• Species distribution maps using the latest data from The Atlas of Australian Birds
• Annotated illustrations by Jeff Davies
• Species photos
• Species audio

Frogs Field Guide
By Australian Museum
Discover the wonderful and fascinating world of Australian frogs in our Frogs Field Guide.

• Browse comprehensive information about frogs, including photographs and calls.
• Discover Nearby frogs.
Explore frogs by body colour, toe pad size, webbing and belly colour.
Use the Frog Log to compile your own location-based collection of frog sightings and images.

The Frogs Field Guide is a great way to identify and explore Australia’s unique frog fauna.
Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains Flora and Fauna Field Guide
By Ecolinc Science and Technology Innovations Centre
The flora and fauna of the Western Volcanic Plains, Victoria, Australia is unique with many species endemic to ecosystems within this bioregion. Over 160 animals and over 250 plant species are comprehensively described, most with multiple images taken within the natural habitat of the species. Identifying animal calls are provided with distribution maps including both past and current sightings recorded by the Atlas of Living Australia.

This Field Guide app provides the opportunity for users to map and upload sightings of any of the listed species within the Western Volcanic Plains, to contribute to a growing database of sightings of both common and threatened grassland species. Sightings are mapped and displayed on the Ecolinc Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains website, which provides additional resources and learning objects relevant to the biodiversity of grassland ecosystems within this region.

FungiOz – All things Mushroom
By Julene Cook
The free “All things Mushroom” resource kit for fungi hunters, growers, collectors, health seekers, tourists, lovers of design and gift givers. Fungioz makes it easy to identify and interact with those the amazing fungi seen on walks in wonderful places. But this is not just another mushroom identification app.

The largely hidden kingdom of fungi is essential to our survival. Without mushrooms, living things would die. Fungioz is designed to help users contribute to fungi science through its 7 interactive functions.
Field Guide to Pest Animals of Australia
By Invasive Animals Limited
Australia has around 80 introduced vertebrate pest species costing at least $1 billion annually in economic, environmental and social impacts. This app contains pest information, distribution maps, photos, animal calls, control information and resource links for 53 pest species. Future versions of this app will contain more resources, updated information, and additional species.



FeralScan  is a community website that allows you to map sightings of pest animals and record the problems they are causing in your local area. FeralScan will have direct benefits to farmers, community groups and individuals managing pest animals and their impacts.
FeralScan is freely available and can be used by farmers, local communities, Landcare groups, local government, pest controllers, schools and individuals anywhere in Australia. Data entered into FeralScan can be used to help coordinate on ground control to address the problems pest animals are causing in your local area and across the country.


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