It is the time for fire prevention

When a burn goes wrong, trees may be felled to put the fire out, hollows are lost and wildlife has to find a new shelter

Now  is the time to be starting your fire prevention works to protect your home. Already there have been reports across the state of fires escaping into bushland.

As landholders we should have checked the weather forecast for what will happen over the next few days, have control measures in place including having a fire break, appropriate equipment and plenty of water and enough people to control the burn. We need to make sure we prevent the spread of fire onto public land or other private land.

As tempting as it may be you are not allowed to do your own a burn on public land and there are penalties if you do.

The CFA website provides guidelines on who to notify if you plan to conduct a burn on private land. There is also plenty of advice on their website to assist you in preparing and maintaining your home. If you notice smoke in your area it may be a planned DEPI burn. Find out what is planned here


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