Learn about Powerful Owls

Powerful owls are such impressive birds yet it is easy to overlook them as they sit on a branch and observe us. Wombat Forestcare Group are running another of their great talks in Trentham and this one is all about the powerful owl. Here is the link to the poster

 ‘You, Me & Biodiversity’ lecture
Saturday 14th June, 1 – 3pm

Powerful Owls: From the forests to the suburbs

This presentation will focus on the role of not only forests, but also urbanizing landscapes in relation to the conservation of Australia’s largest and most charismatic owl species – the Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua).

Dr Bronwyn Isaac completed her studies at Deakin University. Dr Isaac is fascinated by the complex nature of urbanizing landscapes and how these benefit or impact on native wildlife, in particular native raptors.

Speaker: Dr Bronwyn Isaac
Where: Trentham Neighbourhood Centre, High St, Trentham
Cost: Gold coin donation


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