How important are our old trees?

A magnificent habitat treeA summary of the last SWIFFT meeting is now online. The topic was remnant habitat trees in our rural environment and their importance to our wildlife. The key points are:

  • Remnant scattered trees provide a range of high value landscape, biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  • Old growth scattered trees are a legacy from the past – they are continuing to disappear and future generations will inherit a vastly different landscape.
  • The value of old remnant trees does not appear to be appreciated or supported through adequate protection measures.
  • Scattered trees are used extensively as foraging and roosting habitat by insectivorous bats.
  • Every old growth tree has value for bats and it is very important that we retain scattered trees in the landscape.
  • Buloke trees are the preferred food tree for Red-tailed Black Cockatoos but less than 2% of this important food species remains.
  • Old large paddock trees are not being replaced at high enough rate to cater for Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo feeding needs into the future.
  • Old growth trees provide an important litter layer and habitat for invertebrates which can in turn support a diversity of vertebrates.
  • Old growth paddock trees have taken hundreds of years to grow. They cannot be replaced in a person’s lifetime – we need to protect what remains.

The next video conference is on 6 February 2014 and is about raptors


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