Firewood versus habitat

It is the time of year when those of us with wood fires appreciate having enough wood in the shed. Planning needs to go into wood collection and wood needs to be thoroughly dry to burn properly and efficiently.

It is also the time of year when some people are out scavenging wood from the sides of the roads or the forest and removing habitat for fauna. Wood is  a renewable resource but some thought needs to go into where you source it. The Victorian National Parks Association have just released “The Sustainable Firewood Guide”.

The guide has been designed to enable Victorians to make the right choices when sourcing firewood. It looks at a number of firewood and firewood alternatives widely and readily available in Victoria.

If you are someone who likes to collect their own firewood please remember that hollow logs provide benefits for a range of species. Contrary to the belief that is it is a waste to leave logs in the forest if it is “just going to be burnt”, logs actually provide shelter and protection for some species during a fire and eventually break down and return nutrients to the soil. Logs also provide basking sites for snakes and lizards.

An education kit for primary school children about the life inside logs.


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