BowerBird picks up Citizen Science

Do you consider yourself a Citizen Scientist? If you have an interest in nature and take photos and record sightings of native fauna, flora, fungi, lichens or insects, you may be interested in the “BowerBird” project. At this site you may like to upload images and GPS coordinates, provide identifications, add comments, write descriptions.

The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) funded Museum Victoria to develop Australia’s first social science website and iPhone App dedicated to the globally growing workforce of Citizen Scientists.

Here are the links to the relevant sites of BowerBird and the user guide and possibly the best place to start is the online help and feedback blog. The creators suggest using the latest versions of Chrome or FireFox and if you must use Microsoft IE, then get version 9.  The BowerBird iPhone App to iTunes is on its way.

Ken Walker, Museum Victoria says “the core of BowerBird is its Projects.  These are user generated “buckets” which hopefully other people will join to form interactive communities where people can upload images and GPS coordinates, provide identifications, add comments, write descriptions, offer tags etc.  Any member of a Project may contribute to any observation uploaded to that Project.

Projects also define your personal view of BowerBird.  Rather than seeing every single upload added to BowerBird, you see only Observations or News Items for the Projects or Organisations you have joined or the people you are following.”

To become a member of a Project, simply click the “Join” button in the bottom right corner.  At any time you can leave a Project by re-clicking the “Joined” button.


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