A May Sunday afternoon in the Canadian Forest

Epacris impressa in Canadian Forest

Epacris impressa in Canadian Forest

Are you aware that there is a group of Ballarat people who are interested in planning the future use of certain areas of the Canadian Forest? Here is an opportunity to walk along some of the trails on in the forest near the Recreation Road Mt Clear area at your leisure. Mingle with locals and experts who are interested in a forest future for the Canadian Forest. Look at the resilient vegetation in the creek and observe the re-vegetation after the latest attempt by the bull dozers to clear the remnant bluegums.

Imagine what this land could look like in ten years time if nature is allowed to have its way! Imagine if the large existing remnant sections of forest were linked into a new forested bio link corridor, stretching from Buninyong to Woodmans Hill. And further afield a link between the Enfield Forest, the Brisbane Ranges and the Creswick Forest! Right on the doorstep of Ballarat.

Meet on Sunday 19 May at 2pm at the end of Recreation Road Mount Clear near the water tank for informal forest and creek walks, forest information, look at images, lively discussions and observations of the revegetation. Afternoon billy tea and hospitality provided on site.

Feel free to turn up and be part of looking at the future of the Canadian Forest. More info: Jeff Rootes 0408509591 or email: jeffie1952@hotmail.com.au


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