Keep your pet moggy safe and save the wildlife

A pet cat on the prowl

A pet cat on the prowl

Many people love cats and they do make ideal pets in some situations. However they  have a detrimental impact on wildlife if they are left to roam around your property. Even well fed cats will kill native wildlife and attaching a bell to the cat might make the owner feel better but has little impact on stopping a cat from hunting.

According to the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) website “if your cat wanders onto another person’s property more than once, it may be seized and impounded. Council may issue an order to stop your cat trespassing, and if you don’t comply you may be fined”.

Many cat lovers who move to the country and bring the family pet with them say they will not replace the cat when it dies. A lot of birds and lizards may perish during this period unless the cat is confined. Many owners seem to be unaware of how far their cats may roam but the use of monitoring cameras indicates that cats are quite active night. DPI has some great advice on how to build a cat enclosure to keep cats happy and safe.


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