Light pollution and bats

Have you ever been far away from the city lights to where the stars shine brighter that you are used to? We use so much lighting now and much of it is just purely decorative. Every second landscaping show seems to be about lighting up a tree or putting lights up to highlight a rock wall. not many mention having the lighting on a timer.
Have you ever considered the effect extra light may have on animals and if it disturbs their night time feeding regime? The GLOBE AT NIGHT program is aimed at making more people aware not only of the amount of energy wasted with some lighting, but the other effects such as the effects on bats and bird migration. Here is a chance to be involved in citizen science.
The GLOBE AT NIGHT program is an international citizen-science campaign to raise public awareness of the impact of light pollution by inviting citizen-scientists to measure their night sky brightness and submit their observations to a website from a computer or smart phone. Light pollution threatens not only our “right to starlight”, but can affect energy consumption, wildlife and health. People in 115 countries contributed over 83,000 measurements during the campaigns each winter/spring over the last 7 years, making GLOBE at Night the most successful light pollution awareness campaign to date.
Check out the web application data submission process. The GLOBE at Night website is easy to use, comprehensive and holds an abundance of background information. The database is usable for comparisons with a variety of other databases, like how light pollution affects the foraging habits of bats.There are 5 GLOBE at Night campaigns in 2013: January 3 – 12, January 31 – February 9, March 3 – 12, March 31 – April 9, and April 29 – May 8. Make a difference and join the GLOBE at Night campaign.The website provides extensive information – please check it out.

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