Get stuck into fire prevention activities

It is time to think about doing your fire prevention activities and working on your fire plan. The CFA has a lot of information available to give you ideas on what to do. A lot of brigades have been out at community events handing out information. The CFA also have a free service where they come and provide site specific advice. Fire restrictions are coming in very soon for a lot of areas and are already in force for some shires.

If there had been a fire in your area yesterday, were you prepared? Do you still have wood and kindling stacked on the verandah? It takes a bit of time to get your home and property ready for the fire season and yesterday’s hot weather was an important reminder with some fast-moving grass fire on what we may expect this season.

Take extra care if you are burning off and register your burn by phoning 1800 668 511. Tell your neighbours what you are doing and don’t leave the burn unattended.

A well prepared property will also help provide some protection for the local wildlife.


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