Capturing flora celebrating 300 years of botanical art

Capturing Flora an Art Gallery of Ballarat Exhibition
If you are interested in plants and art,  then you may enjoy going to the exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat .  This is a big exhibition so you will need to allow plenty of time to enjoy it.  It has only just opened and finished Sunday, December 02, 2012, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Admission: $12, Concession $8, Gallery Member/Children Free Article taken from

This remarkable exhibition celebrates our continent’s amazing and diverse flora and the ways Australian plants have been recorded, interpreted and popularised by botanical artists from William Dampier and the early explorers to the present day.

The European discovery of this continent took place during the Enlightenment, an era when time, effort and finances were put into voyages of exploration. The botanical art which recorded newly-discovered plants which were radically strange to European eyes was of extraordinarily high quality.

During the 19th century, the growing middle class, both in the colonies and the home country developed an insatiable interest in horticultural pursuits while scientific institutions were building up their knowledge of botanical resources. New printing techniques allowed prints to be coloured mechanically, resulting in a boom
in botanical art which lasted into the 20th century.

Since the 1950s there has been a renaissance of botanical art under such luminaries as Margaret Stones and Celia Rosser. Australia now has one of the most vibrant practicing botanical art traditions in the world and the exhibition includes some of the finest examples of the work of Australia’s contemporary botanical artists.

Capturing Flora aims to be the most comprehensive exhibition of Australia botanical art ever held in this country. It brings together over 300 images, the vast majority of which have been collected by the Art Gallery of Ballarat in recent years. It will be accompanied by a major publication, the first comprehensive monograph to cover this ‘territory’ for over 10 years.


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