How do you tell if a wetland is healthy?

Victoria has around 13,000 natural wetlands, which vary greatly in character, ranging from lakes, floodplain billabongs, alpine peatlands, marshes, shallow freshwater wetland and saline wetlands. The statewide assessment of Victoria’s significant wetlands, undertaken in 2010, found that 24% of the wetlands assessed were in excellent condition, 32% in good condition, 30% in moderate condition and 14% were in poor or very poor condition. Follow this link to hear Phil Papas – Senior Scientist, Freshwater Ecologist, ARI talking the Index of Wetland Conditions. Index of Wetland Condition (IWC) was developed 2005 for use in Victoria. The IWC measures aspects of the wetland’s soils, water, plants and the wetland catchment.

IWC wetland mapping tool is used to create wetland maps for the Index of Wetland Condition (IWC) assessment method

Article sourced from the Department of Sustainability and Environment


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