Australian Plant Society Melton & Bacchus Marsh Annual Plant Sale

Correa reflexa Native Fuchsia

Correa reflexa Native Fuchsia

After a long dry summer you may be deciding to replace a few plants in your garden. The Australian Plant Society has groups around the state and many hold plant sales with a mix of indigenous and other native plants. Even small gardens may be designed to attract wildlife such as birds, lizards and insects.

Australian Plant Society Melton & Bacchus Marsh Annual Plant Sale 9am-1pm Saturday 7 May 2016 at the Bacchus Marsh Uniting Church [Mel 333J6]

This sale features genus hakea with large number of unusual species. A full sale list is available and pre-orders can be sent to The Secretary <>
Information: Julianne Diwell <>

Reminder – Review of the Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations

The Victorian Government has committed to reviewing the native vegetation clearing regulations to ensure that they sensibly protect sensitive native vegetation.

As part of the next phase of consultation, DELWP has developed a Consultation Paper that sets out proposed improvements to address key issues identified by stakeholders.

Have your say on the consultation paper… Comments and submissions will close on 29 April 2016 at 5.00pm

Lake Bolac Eel Festival

11th Lake Bolac Eel Festival
Friday-Sunday 8-10 April 2016

The festival theme for 2016 will be Aboriginal Land Management. Bill Gammage and Bruce Pascoe are keynote speakers. The Lake Bolac Eel Festival is a family-friendly music and art festival highlighting the environment and celebrating Indigenous culture.


Encountering an echidna

It is still exciting to see an echidna. While they are listed as common echidnas mostly manage to move around our properties without us seeing them. A few weeks ago we spotted one in the garden where it seems to be at home.

What about the other pollinators?

yam daisy

yam daisy

There has been a lot of interest in bees recently and how important they are in pollinating our crops. Spare a thought about all the other insects that have a role to play pollination and how we provide enough habitat to ensure their survival. Here is an interesting article from The Conversation website. In Europe there are schemes to encourage farmers to create wildflower strips, protect grasslands and maintain isolated trees.