Bandicoots, Biodiversity and Marketing

Here is a link to an article and video in the Beyond the Bale magazine, about a family of wool growers in Moyne Shire who produce top grade wool and also manage their property for the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot. For further information about the biolinks project they are involved go to the Basalt to Bay website.

Ballarat Winter Flower Show and plant sales

Do you look around your garden in winter and wonder what there is for the native animals to feed on? Many people feel the need to give birds a helping hand by providing seed. In many ways it is better to plant a wide range of native plants to fulfill the needs of the local fauna throughout the year. Providing a clean water source is probably better than putting out a seed tray.

If you do want to attract bird int to garden with food, then make it an occasional treat and make sure the food suits a range of species. If you decide to add some more plants then you may like to go to this flower show.

Australian Plants Society Ballarat Winter Flower Show and plant sales
10.30am – 3.30pm Saturday & Sunday 25 & 26 June 2016
Robert Clark Horticultural Centre Ballarat Botanic Gardens

A new initiative providing opportunity to showcase the variety of flora in member’s gardens in mid-winter. It is an extension of the ‘Shortest day Flowering list’ compiled in recent years. Entry fee includes a cup of hot tea or coffee.
Information: Ken Wright 03 5335 5370 <>

Fungi time

This time of year especially after some rain is the best time to see fungi. Fungi are an essential part of the ecosystem and many form an association with plants to assist growth. Others have a big role in the breakdown and recycling  of all types of organic waste material. Fungi also form part of the diet of some native animals such as bandicoots and small wallabies.

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Workshops on Terrestrial and Epiphytic Orchids

Are you interested in learning more about orchids? The FJC Rogers Seminar 2016 will be hosted by Society for Growing Australian Plants Hamilton and APS Warrnambool & District Groups.

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th October 2016 at The Kantor Music and Performing Arts Centre, Hamilton and Alexandra College, 1 Chaucer St, Hamilton. Vic.

Here is the link to register